The first steps have been made.
The VIA REGIA cultural route project created the base for image collections, that can vizualise the richness and variety of the VIA REGIA as European experience landscape.

Please help us through participating with own pictures to develope the VIA REGIA-galleries to a collection with several faces.

In this context the individual travel experience is as interesting as images of the own homeland that show what you would tell about your environment and how everyday life takes place.

along the Via Regia -
on the traces of a medieval trading route
through Upper Lusatia

pictures and texts by Joachim Hennig
self-published Joachim Hennig, Zittau

Welcome to the picture world

On the vita of the VIA REGIA

The history of Upper Lusatia

The Sechsstädtebund - originated along the long-distance trading routes in Upper Lusatia

From Königsbrück to Kamenz

On the "upper" or "lower" road to Budissin/Bautzen

On different pathes in the landscape between Budissin/Bautzen,
Schöps and Görlitz/Zgorzelec

Pathes in the Eastern Upper Lusatia from Görlitz/Zgorzelec to Lauban/Luban

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