Erhard Busek

“There was no Europe between 1945 and 1989. The Western democratic part of Europe was connected beyond the Atlantic Ocean, with the United States; the Eastern part of it was under the domination of the Russian soviet system... In 1989, we regained the chance to think of Europe as a continent and to use its diversity. Therefore, the quality of Europe ... Europe has regained the chance to be Europe again. However, this chance means that the accent moves from economy to culture, to the very being of the continent.”

said Erhard Busek – former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and representative called to preside over the ÖVP (Austrian Popular Party). He is current President of the Intstitute for the Danubian region and for Central Europe, coordinator of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative, visiting professor at several European universities and author of many scientific publications and gave a lecture to mark the foundation of the VIA REGIA advisory board on 6th of Mrch in 2003 in the European Centre for Culture and Information in Thuringia.