VIA REGIA - Web 2.0 - Travel 2.0

An online presentation of the VIA REGIA should not only include static information but also be a living platform for different forms of communication. We want to activate the dialogue between urban and rural cultures, between the South, the North, the East and the West as well as between high developed and disadvantaged regions – between the European citizens. A changing communication sphere which leads to discussions and exchanges between various actors in different European countries. That is the only way that makes possible to get to know the other.

We aspire to the possibility to build up the VIA REGIA platform jointly through developing technical requirements for a social community. This community should not only consist of our partners but also of the broad public to become a European joint project.

We realize that not only in functions for giving comments and taking part in ratings. First of all we want to share adventures and discoveries, travel experiences, but also exchanges of e.g. historical facts. With that we follow the present development of growing importance of the ‘Wisdom of the Mass’ in opposite of editorial presentations from one source.