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The Oecumenic Pilgrimage Path from Görlitz (Saxony) to Vacha (Thuringia) is oriented along the historical route course of the VIA REGIA and ties in with the history of pilgrimage in past centuries.

Objective of the association is the investigation and the revitalisation of the VIA REGIA in its historical course as modern European East-West road link.

The model building project VIA REGIA is integrated in the homeland association Königsbrück. Next to the model building the investigation of the VIA REGIA, the examination with history and architecture as well as the networking with respective projects in Germany and Poland are the central points in their work. The objective is to create a park of architecture models VIA REGIA as cultural landscape in Königsbrück.

„VIA REGIA – Travelling along the King’s Road“. Travel offer from Dresden to Eisenach. The journey follows the popular road through the old residences which often have been found as market places and became important through trade which still today visualise us a living picture of past times.

Under the heading „Central Germany complete“ the web page puts a view on important characteristics and the variety of the metropolitain area Leipzig over. It present touristiclly intersting routes through Central Germany. One tour reaches from Leipzig through Lützen - Weißenfels and Naumburg - Bad Kösen - Eckartsberga to Weimar (also known as VIA REGIA, "Route of the poets, thinker and generals” resp. as "Goethe-Route"). South Hesse has always been a transit country for tradesmen, pilgrims and armys in West-East and North-South direction. The High Road has been a part of a road net covering whole Europe (e.g. the historical VIA REGIA from Santiago to Kiev). The regioanl park route High Road follows the route course of the VIA REGIA. Actually it reaches from Großen Loh in Niederdorfelden to Hammersbach in the district Langen-Bergheim. The concept of the regional park route translates historical references of exchange of persons, goods and information to the present times and deals through art installations in special places with particular themes.

The VIA REGIA between Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig brought the surname “an der Straße” (along the road) to the city of Steinau in Hesse. The road shaped Steinau. The meaning of Steinau grew with the amount of travellers along the trading route from Frankfurt to Leipzig. The museum shows the history of Steinau as station along the VIA REGIA.