The endeavour of a contemporary man to conduct a healthy way of life is a trend of today.
More and more people begin to place high emphasis on improving the quality of their life, e.g. enjoying private owned dwelling, furniture lines, healthy food, recreation and holiday.
In this connection, green and eco holiday is getting popularity and good demand both in our country and abroad. It has encompassed many kinds of time-spending opportunities in places ranging from countryside, tourist centers and spa in small towns and settlements to rural homesteads. Furthermore, being more affordable, such a kind of holiday acquires the undoubted advantage in time of economic crisis.

Giving the participants a chance to show the entire diversity of leisure and entertainment industry, ECO*HOLIDAY exhibition-festival also is a venue to examine expectations and interests of prospective customers and realize your offers directly to clients.
Representing resorts, natural, historical and cultural riches, the exhibition-festival would also promote the recreational attractiveness of rural destinations and the development of their ground infrastructure resulting in the improvement of environment as a whole and quality of life of any single man.

The forthcoming EURO-2012 in our country and the necessity to accommodate the foreign tourists and football fans in the best manner open wide prospects for having more private-owned dwellings and mini-hotels.
That is why the Ukrainian Village Welcomes traditional exhibition & fair and The European Village in Ukraine event will happen within the exhibition.

The program also includes: seminars, presentations, music festivals, performances of ethno and folk companies, tasting events, etc.
Tour operators, travel agencies, owners of hotels and other accommodations, owners of event agencies, executives of public departmental organizations and end users will be able to discover wide range of propositions and generate new contacts as well as to obtain information materials and plan their holiday in advance.


  • AUTOEXPO Ukrainian Exhibition Company
  • Union for Promotion of Rural Green Tourism Development in Ukraine


  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine
  • Tourism and SPA State Department
  • For more information and conditions of participation, contact:

    • Natalia Vasylieva
      Tel.: +38 044 222 9317

    Е-mail: nva@greentour.com.ua, vgt@i.com.ua
    Web: www.greentour.com.ua

    the terms of participation you can download here


    • national and regional tourism & leisure promotion organizations
    • rural green:
      • private-owned dwellings, suburban recreational facilities, camping grounds, mini-hotels, other accommodations
      • ecoagrotours (mushroom, berry, wine, fishing, ornithological), apitourism
      • private homesteads and farmsteads, etc
    • cognitive:
      • historical and cultural preserves
      • national and landscape parks, botanic gardens
      • museums, castles, sightseeing attractions
    • ethnographic:
      • cultural and ethnographic villages and farmsteads
      • handicraftsmen
      • ethno-restaurants
    • eco houses:
      • precast houses (wooden, Finnish, blockhouses, framed wooden)
      • building and finishing materials
      • designing and construction
    • equipment and technologies:
      • wind and solar power stations
      • alternative kinds of fuel
      • water treatment and heating system
      • environmental protection and utilization
    • arrangement of houses and homesteads:
      • pieces of interior, eco furniture lines
      • bath-houses, saunas, swimming pools
      • summer houses, sports buildings, children’s play facilities
      • tents, awnings, sunshades
      • interior phytodesign, landscape architecture, landscape gardening plants, artificial basins
      • horticulture, gardening and floriculture
      • breweries, smokehouses
      • kitchen appliances and utensils
      • tools, etc
    • foodstuff:
      • organic agriculture, gastronomy
      • phytoproducts
      • farming produce, etc.
    • handicraft and souvenirs
    • community organizations, centers, associations, unions

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