ON THE WAY – From 28th of June till 11th of July 2010 a VIA REGIA bycicle tour with German and Polish participants will take place from Zgorcelec (PL) to Saargemuines (F). The aim of this German-Polish tour is to raise the awareness for the ancient route and make the VIA REGIA experiencable for young people.

The young cyclists will get in touch with German cultural and natural landscapes. They'll visit cities, museums and places of memory and will cycle on diversified cycling pathes which follow the historical VIA REGIA.

Tour plan: (approx. 850 km)

Monday 27.6:

  • departure to Nebelschütz, Sorbian village,
  • camping at the Heldhaus, www.heldhaus.de,
  • distance: 70 km

Tuesday 29.6:

  • tour to Strehla on the Elbe,
  • youth hostel, camping at the Windmill,
  • distance: 80 km

Wednesday 30.6:

  • tour to Leipzig,
  • Hostel Sleepy Lion on the outskirts of the Oldtown of Leipzig,
  • distance: 70 km

Thursday 01.7:

  • along the rivers Luppe and Saale to Naumburg,
  • camping at the youth hostel,
  • distance: 60 km

Friday 02.7:

  • tour to Erfurt,
  • visiting Weimar,
  • meeting in the contact point for VIA REGIA – Cultural route of the Council of Europe
  • distance: 70 km

Saturday 03.7:

  • tour to Gotha and Eisenach,
  • overnight stay in the youth hostel below the Wartburg
  • distance: 60 km

Sunday 04.7:

  • tour along the former inner-German border to Hünfeld,
  • overnight stay in the monastery,
  • distance: 70 km

Monday 05.07:

  • tour through Fulda and Steinau an der Straße
  • to the city of Barbarossa Gelnhausen,
  • overnight stay in the youth hostel,
  • distance: 70 km

Tuesday 06.07:

  • tour through Frankfurt (Main) to Wiesbaden,
  • youth hostel,
  • distance: 85 km

Wednesday 07.07:

  • along the rivers Rhine, Nahe and Glan to Meisenheim
  • experience hotel „Alte Schule“ (Old School)
  • distance: 85 km

Thursday 08.7:

  • on the cycle path Glan - Blies to Homburg,
  • caves in the castle mountains
  • distance: 60 km

Friday 09.07:

  • tour through Saargemuines (F)
  • on the cycle path Saar to Saarbrücken,
  • overnight stay in the youth hostel
  • distance: 60 km

Saturday 10.07:

  • excursion to Luxembourg
  • visiting the European Institute of Cultural Routes

Sunday 11.7:

  • return to Görlitz by train

Binding registrations for the tour are possible till 12th of may.

Necessary for a participation is:

  • a serviceable touring bicycle,
  • endurance,
  • a bicycle helmet,
  • a sleeping bag and optionally a tent.

The luggage will be transported by a escort vehicle.


The travel will cost 150 Euro. For participants from Görlitz it is possible to get a sponsorship by the city administration if they belong to families who get Hartz IV, housing subsidies or the family passport.
The price includes expenses for accomodation, board and travel insurance. Overall 12 people between 14 and 26 years from Görlitz and Zgorcelec can participate.

Further information and registration:

Kränzelstr. 25
in the Haus der Begegnung (2. floor)
02826 Görlitz

contact person: Dipl. Geogr. Michael Winter

phone: 0049 (0) 3581-87 94 81
fax: 0049 (0) 3581-40 14 66
mail: wir-my@web.de
web: www.wir-my.de

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