„A bag for Europe and the people that feel connected through the VIA REGIA.“ From now you can buy the bag „VIA REGIA – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe“ made by the enterprise Taschenwelten in Fulda. The bag is 32 cm * 32 cm large and available in ruby colour, black or blue. It has a carrying strap and is made from high-quality cotton fabric with lining.

The originator of the bag Bernd Leidheiser found out about the VIA REGIA by the interest group „Löherstraße handelt“ (Löherstraße trades/acts) in Fulda which connects most of the shops and enterprises and is member of the network VIA REGIA – Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. Mr. Leidheiser works in a textile factory in Fulda and developed the idea of a VIA REGIA bag during the VIA REGIA cultural festival in 2009.

Leidheiser delivers his draperies to the social workshop „Affentor“ in Frankfurt where unemployed women produce the bags. „So beside the cultural aspect we have a social one that is connected with the bags.“, Leidheiser explains. The bag should have a „retraceable way“ a „central theme“ that forms the bag from the raw material to the product.

The bag can be produced in ruby colour, black or in blue. It costs 76,00 € and is available in the shop „Taschenwelten“ in the Löherstraße 6 in Fulda.
It can also be sent to you in a package if you pay in advance and include 5,00 € for postal charges.