Via Mobil - The vehicle

During 2010 and 2011, the Via Mobil will be on the road across Europe as a ‘travelling ambassador’, promoting the State Exhibition and visits to Görlitz. As it travels along the Via Regia route, the Via Mobil will also ‘collect’ impressions and document its journey on film. It will take its visitors on a virtual journey between East and West Europe, carrying them away into the history and future of this once significant trade route. On its first tour, from May to October 2010, the Via Mobil will travel along today’s Council of Europe Cultural Route. Through the Via Mobil, the State Exhibition will gain a presence in around 40 towns and cities, from Santiago de Compostela, via Pamplona to Bordeaux, Paris, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Großenhain, Görlitz, Wrocław, Kraków, and on to Lvov/Lviv and Kiev/Kyiv. A second tour, from March to August 2011, will visit around 50 educational establishments in the border region around Görlitz. The primary aim of this tour is to prepare schools and school classes for their visits to Görlitz for the State Exhibition.


In the period from March to August 2011, the Via Mobil will visit educational institutions in the tri-border region around Görlitz. It will provide information on the Third Saxon State Exhibition, not least as preparation for visits to the exhibition. It is also intended to stimulate interest among children and young people in topics linked to the via regia theme – What was the importance of the via regia for their home region in the past? Which features / historic buildings / institutions still bear witness today to the significance of this ancient trade route? Against this background they can address questions of how cross-border contacts and relationships can be revitalised today, and what activities they, as school pupils, can initiate to find out more about the language, economy or culture of their neighbouring country.

Newsletter der 3. Sächsischen Landesausstellung, Ausgabe 1 – 06/2010