The long-term objective of the VIA REGIA network is a possibly widespread and detailed presentation of the historic, cultural and contemporary incidents and material witnesses within the VIA REGIA corridor covering 47 regions in 10 countries. This can make the European interrelation of the route visible. At the same time it should feature the exactness that is necessary for a real serviceability.

In the presentation of the VIA REGIA corridor we do not include historical route courses only. Also present pathes are part of the vizualisation – it includes highways, avenues, cicly pathes, hiking trails and other touristical routes within the corridor.

The functionality of this VIA REGIA information system has been developed in the
Modellregion Thüringen"
(model region Thuringia [de]) first and will be transferred to other regions. We aks for your understanding that at the moment we can give only basic information for most of the VIA REGIA regions.