Any interested party can become a member of the network “VIA REGIA - Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”. These are e.g.

  • regional and local authorities,
  • institutions and administrative bodies,
  • associations,
  • business enterprises,
  • individuals.

Based on the description of the VIA REGIA as a transport and route corridor even interested parties from places not directly located at the medieval trade route can join the network and use the awarded title for own purposes. The definition as a corridor is based on the historical development of the VIA REGIA as European East-West-connection. Its route has been modified and altered during the ages. Today a modern transportation system has developed from the historical route.

Membership is for free. Precondition for the membership is the signing of a

Application for membership is not necessary.

Send a Member Agreement with handwritten signature (and seal, if applicable) and a Declaration of Membership to the Contact Office for the Cultural Route’s Network:

European Centre for Culture and Information in Thuringia
D-99084 Erfurt
Bahnhofstr. 27

The Contact Office for the Cultural Route’s Network will send a written confirmation of the membership. Every member receives furthermore a faithful copy of the certification of the title „VIA REGIA – Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe“awarded by the Council of Europe for own usage.

The membership in the network can be refused in case of concerns against it expressed by a network member within 14 calendar days after the Declaration of Membership. For this case a written vote of all members is necessary. If the simple majority of all network members votes against the membership of the interested party, the membership in the network „VIA REGIA –Cultural Route of the Council of Europe“ cannot be confirmed.

For further questions use the contact form